Buy Radio Equipment

RPL is the authorised distributor for most leading professional audio and transmitter equipment brands. We have many decades of experience specifying and installing equipment for leading local and national radio stations around the world.

Radio Studios

RPL supply both analogue and digital audio equipment and our 20 years of experience will help you find the correct product at the right price.

We can supply anything from a small desktop portable mixer to a large multichannel studio console, complete with all the cabling and infrastructure that is required for a professional broadcast studio of any size and specification.

No two studios we have built are identical as we will always customise the studio to suit your needs. Below are examples of some of the studios we have built:

  • Budget Studios
  • Medium Studios
  • Larger Studios

Computer Systems

RPL is a Dell reseller and can supply anything from a small laptop to a large network with the PCs preconfigured in our workshops with the correct soundcards and software to get your radio station straight on the air.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can also supply Apple system with appropriate software for video-based applications.


As an owner and operator of FM transmitters, we have considerable experience in knowing which manufacturers will provide you with the most reliable solution for your budget. We supply complete FM transmission system including a stereo FM transmitter (from 50 Watts to 10kWatts) with a multibay antenna system, feeder cable and all the connectors, grounding and waterproofing kits required for a sturdy and reliable installation.

On transmitter systems of 1kW or higher we will supervise the installation of the aerial riggers and the commissioning of the transmitter to ensure it is done to the highest standards to provide you with many years of trouble free service.

  • 50 Watt
  • 150 Watt
  • 300 Watt
  • 500 Watt
  • 1k Watt
  • 2k Watt
  • 2.5k Watt
  • 5k Watt
  • 10k Watt

Radio Links

We can specify and supply studio to transmitter radio links and also OB (outside broadcast) links back into the studio. These are available on most frequencies from VHF to UHF.

Links can be mono or stereo depending on your requirement.

Portable Equipment

RPL stock a range of portable digital audio recorders recording to mp3 or linear WAV. There are now many low cost recorders on the market. We can recommend two or three that we regard as the best options for your price range.

For best quality it is always advisable to use an external handheld microphone. We can supply these, as well as other accessories such as headphones, cables rechargeable batteries and AC chargers.