Buy TV Equipment

RPL has many years experience working for major UK-based satellite broadcasters. Our offices in London also house two custom-built TV studios and galleries which are fully equipped for digital shooting in either SD, 16 x 9 widescreen or HD if required.

We can design and help you source all of the equipment required for a TV station or TV post-production facility of any size from a small school or college facility to a local TV station to an international broadcaster.


Video equipment is changing on a monthly basis.  Please contact us directly with your questions or requirements and we will help you design and built the studios to suit your needs and budget.


We have supplied TV transmitters and antenna systems for use on both VHF and UHF frequencies. Transmitters can also be DVB compatible should you wish to later upgrade for digital broadcasting.  Please contact us directly for further details.

Radio Links

We can specify for you microwave radio links capable of analogue or digital TV and audio transmission from your studio to your transmitter site.

Outside Broadcast

We have constructed many fly away portable TV studios in flight cases that are capable of travelling in the back of an estate car and recording outside events such as concerts, football matches and other sporting occasions.

We also have experience of specifying satellite uplinks and internet-based codecs for remote delivery of audio - video content.

TV Sound

Sound is very important for TV, because if it is not done correctly it compromises the viewers' enjoyment of the programme.  In TV we use much of the same equipment that we would specify for a high quality radio station but also add additional facilities such as talkback for the studio and presenters.


Depending on the studio size we will supply flourescent cold lights and state of the art LED lighting for a small studio as these are very energy efficient and generate almost no unwanted heat.  We also supply HMI type lights from 575 Watts to 12 kWatts for film style lighting.  There is also a large range of grip equipment such as lighting stands and ceiling lighting grids available.